How to Order Photos

From this Web Site







If you wish to order a photo, you can select either Paypal or E-mail Order.  Paypal works just like it does on E-Bay. 


The orders by e-mail work like this…


1.      You send me the order via e-mail order in the shopping cart.

2.      Then you send your payment into my bank account via bank transfer to Dresdner Bank AG    BLZ: 39080005    Konto: 0288784800

3.     From out of Germany, please use…   Dresdner Bank AG    SWIFT-BIC: DRES DE FF     IBAN: DE58 39080005  0288784800

4.     PLEASE Include your Web Order Number in the Reference of your Bank Transfer!!!!!

5.     Once I receive your bank Transfer, then I will send the photos via Post.


Thanks again for visiting my site,