Dennis Owens

Event- und Studiofotografie

          About Me





I really consider myself lucky to be contracted as “The Photographer” at many different local Riding Tournaments (Reitturniers).  This, above most of my photography assignments, I have greatly enjoyed.  I really enjoy having both of my feet in the mud, photographing super nice people reaching for, and at times achieving their goals with the horse. 


More than that, I really love watching and enjoying the triumph of “Wills” between a man or a woman and his or her horse to achieve the common objective of finishing faster, or in better style from a field of some of the finest athletes in the local area. 


To those “Athletes”, my hat is off to you.  I am just glad I can place these few moments on film for you, and your family to enjoy for generations.


Thanks, and I really hope you enjoy my efforts,